Welcome to RailScapes Travel! 


Hello everyone,
My name is Nikos Kavoori, lifelong rail enthusiast and aspiring world traveler. I have created this page with the encouragement of some friends to share photographs and stories from my travels around the world and within the US.
Since I started seriously photographing railways in 2008 I have traveled to 25 US states primarily in the Eastern US.
​In 2012 I made my first solo international trip with a 3 month whirlwind trip around much of Europe all by rail. Since then I have traveled extensively in India, made a return trip to Europe and most recently traveled to Peru. I hope to share photographs from all of these adventures and future trips here in the coming months and years.

If you have any comments, questions or are interested in purchasing photographs please don’t hesitate to contact me below! All photographs are copyrighted, if you would like to use or purchase them please contact me first.
Thanks for visiting and enjoy!