Panasonic G7 review – For rail photograph and videos

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This is my first gear review so not nearly as polished as most you see online but I’m learning! Let me know what you thought and any other things you would like to see about the camera, I will be doing a follow up video soon

The basic specs on the camera: 

16 MP Mirrorless micro 4/3rd camera by Panasonic, the camera can also shoot 4K 30fps videos along with the standard 1080P 60fps. The camera has features such as RAW support, exposure and adjustment dials and a microphone input which you would expect on a DSLR but at half the cost. The camera comes with a versatile 14-42mm kit lens. If you’re interested in the G7 please click the link to the left to purchase on Amazon!



Sample photos, click to view at original resolution:

This series taken at F7.1 ISO 200, RAW converted to JPEG with Lightroom, only adjustment was increasing sharpness to 35. 




Below image was shot as JPEG Fine 

4K video sample